Exhaustive stuff

The exhaust system discharges the gases that arise during the operation of the combustion engine of a vehicle, and dampens the noise of the combustion process.

Generally, exhausts can be divided into two groups: normal exhausts and sports exhausts. Normal exhausts are usually narrower than sports exhausts. This works sound dampening, but also creates greater backpressure, resulting in power loss. The sports exhaust system, however, is more spacious, with better flow and therefore less backpressure, resulting in more torque and more power.

When a new car rolls out of the factory, it has a so-called OEM exhaust. Usually extremely quiet and giving little way to the potency of the engine. A car must comply with regulations in many countries. Car lovers tend to replace the standard exhaust by a sports exhaust. Reasons for this are often the tail tip (end piece) is not beautiful or not visible, the car should perform better, but mostly just to get a nicer sound.

For your convenience, let's briefly explain the key elements.


Exhaust system

The exhaust system differs per car. The exhaust is attached to the engine block via the manifold. A flexible pipe, compensator flange or coupling with springs between the manifold and the rest of the exhaust, absorbs the tilting of the engine block to prevent breaking. Next, there are one or more catalytic converters, the middle muffler or resonator, and finally the silencer with tail tips. For a turbo engine, the turbo connects to the manifold, followed by the downpipe (front pipe), often with catalytic converter, and the rest of the exhaust system.


Absorption muffler: silencer on the basis of flow through a pipe with perforations or louvers surrounded by soft, heat resistant cushioning material. A Guerrilla absorption muffler is made of high quality 304 stainless steel and comes in different sizes. Such a muffler produces a nice dark sound but let the exhaust gasses flow unhindered.

Reflection of baffle muffler: the exhaust gases are led through a maze of baffles and tubes, to mute the sound as much as possible. Unlike many other providers, Guerrilla reflection muffler has little back pressure, from which the engine performance benefits.

Hybrid muffler: combination of absorption and reflection. Handmade in unique Guerrilla style.


The Guerrilla Way

At Guerrilla Exhaust, we're convinced that even the most beautiful car is not complete without the matching sound. Yet a sports exhaust is not always desirable, as the exhaust noise or drone might become irritating on long same speed drives.

Therefore, next to custom exhausts we also provide the Guerrilla Bypass. This valve system offers the best of two worlds. A clever piece of electronics controls an electric motor and a valve mechanism. This allows you to switch the sound and experience of your car to your liking and mood. With the valve closed, everything is normal. With the valve in the open position you do not only get that sporty sound that fits your car, but also a bit of extra performance feeling - at the press of a button, stationary or while driving.


Guerrilla Bypass

A Guerrilla Bypass turns an ordinary exhaust into a valve equipped exhaust. In short, adjustable exhaust sound for a reasonable price. The Bypass is a cut-out module that is integrated into the normal exhaust, just before the last muffler. It contains a valve operated throught a wireless remote control. Open the Bypass and your stock exhaust schizophrenically changes sound to a loud sports rumble, within a second. The Sound of Power, literally.