Guerrilla downpipes
Guerrilla downpipes
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Better downpipe, more power

A downpipe connects the exhaust manifold or turbo with the rest of the exhaust. A better shaped, large-diameter downpipe provides flow increase and reduces backpressure - and thus engine efficiencies and power gains.

Guerrilla Exhaust offers a wide variety of performance downpipes. We have direct fit downpipes and we hand build downpipes for custom jobs.

Your car's engine is in fact a large fuel and air pump. What goes in also needs to come out. Therefore a simple muffler with a big mouth doesn't gain any power, but an optimized exhaust does. Most exhausts are cat-back, running from the catalytic converter to the rear of the car. For more serious power - still emissions related - the exhaust manifold(s) at the engine and the tubing to the catalytic converter (downpipe) need upgrading.