Headers & manifolds

Guerrilla manifolds and headers

Equal-length exhaust manifolds, or headers, ensure efficient flow of exhaust gasses. This is because of the scavenging effect (pushing out gas-charges in synchronized pulses). In practice, this may increase power by over 10%.

Guerrilla Exhaust delivers replacement and custom performance headers, made of durable and high quality 304 stainless steel and with a perfect fit.

Your car's engine is in fact a large fuel and air pump. What goes in also needs to come out. Therefore a simple muffler with a big mouth doesn't gain any power, but an optimized exhaust does. Most exhausts are cat-back, running from the catalytic converter to the rear of the car.

For more serious power - still emissions related - the exhaust manifold(s) at the engine and the tubing to the catalytic converter (downpipe) need upgrading.