Catalytic converters



Guerrilla race/sport cats: clear performance

More power while still meeting the emission requirements for the annual APK/MoT inspection? Time for a racing catalyst.

Most cars have a factory installed ceramic catalytic converter to clean up emissions. However, this cat causes more back pressure, restricting the engine's power delivery. The resolution for the stock power eater is the sport cat, also known as race cat of performance catalyst, because of its use in professional racing. Its much better flow characteristics ensure a better power curve. And you get a sportier sound.

The number at cspi (same as DPI) represents the number of cells per square inch. In short: the more cells, the better the filtration effect of the catalytic converter and the lower the flow. But too few cells means emissions test failure. Guerrilla Exhaust uses precious metal race cats of at least 200 cspi. So you know for sure that you’re pure.

For each sport cat we indicate the maximum engine power or cylinder capacity for the catalytic converter to function properly. The euro norm and dimensions are also stated, so that you can always choose the right cat for your car.

In addition to Guerrilla own brand products, you also find catalytic converters from HJS, supplier for many leading car brands.

A sports cat is applicable to original, chipped or tuned cars, with turbo or non-turbo engines, on petrol, LPG, diesel or as a hybrid. Important benefits of a race cat are:
  • More power and less heat production thanks to better flow compared to the OEM catalytic converter
  • Better response because the turbo spools up faster
  • Longer life than the standard catalytic converter thanks to the stainless steel exterior and precious metals honeycomb interior
  • Less weight than the stock catalytic converter
  • APK/MoT proof